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Top ten reasons to become a GP

1. Well paid with a good future pension

2. Optional out-of-hours and weekend working

3. Flexibility of the role: partnership, salaried or locum, rural or urban, full-time or part-time

4. Portfolio Career possible

5. Opportunity to become a GP with a special interest

6. Job satisfaction in the continuity and personal nature of the care you provide – patients refer to you as 'my doctor'

7. It’s not about coughs and colds - a GP is a general physician managing complex conditions

8. Seeing people get better and being there throughout their recovery - a GP is the patient's advocate and companion on many journeys

9. Managing, not being managed - you are in charge of your working day

10. Every day is different and interesting

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Why become a GP in Northants?

• The standard of General Practice is very high and there is a welcoming GP community which meets regularly

• For young GPs we offer extensive training throughout the county with the opportunity to develop specialisations too

• Northants has some of the most advanced practices in the UK, some with extensive diagnostic facilities

• There’s the opportunity for a Portfolio Career enabling you to diversify your skill-set and specialise in a wider range of clinical areas that interest you

• Whether you’re looking for an idyllic country practice, a challenging city surgery or something in between, Northants GP has everything you could wish for

There's never been a better time to become a GP in Northants so why not check out the extensive opportunities that are available today.

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